Our Special

Traditional noodle soup “PHO”

Pho is the most internationally well known dish from Vietnamese Cuisine that is frequently served in Vietnamese Restaurants around the world. What makes Pho are broth. Rice noodles and beef/chicken. Sounds like making a good bowl of Pho is just a piece of cake? Wait. Only cooking broth will take you around 8 hrs by stewing pig bones/chicken bones in water together with cinnamon. Sweet fennal. Cardamon…Rice noodles or Phở (vietnamese name) are thicker than rice vermicelli  and they are served together with beef or chicken. This wonderful dish would not be complete without a large bunch of crunchy spring onions. Freshly chopped cilantro on top. Some lime or fresh chopped chilli. Now enjoy your hot yummy Phở!

“Bún Chả” Hà Nội  

“Bun” means rice noodles. “Cha” are 2 kinds of meat: meatballs and the thick pork slices. The meat borrow their softness from perfect ratio of lean and fat from the shoulder meat. While the slices have a chewy texture. We enjoy the meat with some herbs and the special sauce that is another story and would take months to write about. People just agree there is no single correct way to make the sauce. But there is one thing that never changes is the love of Vietnamese towards this unique dish. President Obama chose it to enjoy when he first came to Vietnam. Why not u?

Grilled Fish Hội An in Banana Leaf

Hoi An Food among Vietnamese cuisine is especially well know with Grilled fish in banana leaf. The fish is marinated in a combination of traditional Vietnamese spices will be covered by banana leaf then char-grilled. This dish goes with rice noodles (bun) and fish sauce. Unlike other street foods. There is no way you can find this dish easily on streets of Hanoi because of many complicated steps from ingredients to cooking. But luckily our chef owns the recipe of this hearty dish so what you have to do is to come to Thang Long Deli Restaurant and enjoy it.